5 Things To Do At Your Annual Wellness Visit.

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Your Wellness Visit gives you a chance to sit down with your doctor to discuss your health goals for the year, and talk about setting milestones as you work toward improving or maintaining your health in 2024. Here are 5 things you should do at your Annual Wellness Visit:

  1. Bring a list of all your medications, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements to your appointment. Your doctor can tell you if your medications, vitamins and supplements are all working well together, and what you should or shouldn’t be taking.

  2. Update your personal and family health history so you can share any concerns or issues with your doctor. Jot down any notes or questions for your doctor.

  3. Talk to your doctor about what’s going on in your life, including stressful situations, family needs or other issues. Because this can impact your overall health, your doctor might recommend that you take advantage of the mental health benefits available through your Experience Health plan.

  4. Review your diet and exercise habits, and set goals for changes where they’re needed. And remember, your FREE SilverSneakers® fitness membership is there to support you with access to gyms, fitness centers and online fitness classes. Ask your doctor for advice on which exercise activities are best for you.

  5. Plan your personal wellness schedule, including any immunizations, screenings and tests you might need over the next few years. Like many people, you may have delayed or missed one of these appointments because of COVID. Be sure to reschedule and get the care you need!


They can connect you with the support you need to reach your wellness goals, and tell you more about the many benefits you have to help you, including your SilverSneakers® fitness membership, your annual Over-the-Counter (OTC) Allowance, mental health services and more.

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If you have not had your Annual Wellness Visit, contact your primary care doctor to schedule one today.

If you need any help with your Annual Wellness Visit, contact Care Support at 1-919-660-3426 or visit the Care Support page:

It’s easy to connect with Care Support:

You can call Care Support at 1-919-660-3426, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday for additional information or assistance on how your plan benefits can support wellness goals.


You can learn more about Care Support and all the services they provide on the Care Support page:

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