It's True!

You can pay NO monthly premium and still have quality coverage with your Experience Health Medicare AdvantageSM (HMO) plan in 2024.

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Here’s how we can offer a $0 premium plan:

  • The government contracts with private insurers like Experience Health, because — as a locally based plan with strong connections to area doctors and hospitals — we can deliver health care services in a way that is more cost efficient.
  • We can offer plans with no monthly premium because the government reimburses us for the cost of the services delivered.
  • Your Part B premium — the money that you pay for your Original Medicare Part B coverage, usually through your social security check each month — is enough to cover all of these benefits and services. No additional premium is necessary.
  • You get all of the Medicare benefits you’re entitled to, PLUS more benefits than you’d get with Medicare alone. All for a $0 monthly plan premium!